The Château

About us

Built in the mid-nineteenth century by Gabriel Henry Duverney, this remarkable large dwelling in the heart of Baixas village has a typical Catalan stone and red brick (cayrou) design.

Opposite the manor house lie the historic Château cellars, where an exceptional amber wine, Rivesaltes Château les Pins, ages in ancient casks - from which we have been drawing for years.

Next to the park is the Château's enclosed plot. The vineyard contains a collection of Mediterranean grape varieties and its full diversity can be explored within these few square metres.

The Château’s 69 acres extend onto the surrounding hills, enabling us to offer all the excellence of Roussillon in a stunning setting.

For 20 years, these multi-award-winning wines have enjoyed an excellent reputation: they are the true ambassadors for our savoir faire. We want them to share certain aspects of their identity, while being unique in themselves. Our maturation process is proof - if any were needed - that Roussillon can produce excellent red and white vins de garde that improve over time. Château les Pins is one of our best assets: why not explore further?